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Rich Manning of Creative Image Experts has provided our company with great products and services to market our company. From business cards to flyers, brochures, etc., his products have been clean, crisp and have helped us advertise our message and p ... More »

Hayes Realty Agents have been using Creative Image Experts for our business card needs. We appreciate the quality products, fast delivery, and the friendly, professional service that we receive. Next time you have a printing need, contact Rich Mannin ... More »

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Professional Business Cards Are the Face of Your Business

In business when contact information is exchanged, business cards are used. But business cards are much more than addresses. Every time you hand out a business card, you have the opportunity to put your professional image in the hands of a future customer. You've worked hard to build your image and make your business stand out from your competitors and it just doesn't make sense to trust it to anything less than well-designed, high-quality, professional business cards.

Take advantage of the back of the card. You have the space; you have a tag line, a mission statement, a unique selling proposition - and most importantly, a product to sell. Utilizing the back of the business card leaves you less inclined to feel you need to get all your information on the front and allows greater creativity.

Business cards were very classical 10 years ago. Digital technology has made the business card less expensive and much easier to create visual images. Business cards that offer riveting impact, attention grabbing design and make a great impression on your prospects and customers will ultimately create sales.

Distinguish yourself with wildly colorful formats. No matter what you are selling, a product or yourself, business cards are a form of advertising. Despite all the technology available today the 3 x 2 inch business card is (and some say) always will be a sign of prestige and good business etiquette - it's personal, handed from one person to another.

Dan Ariely, who teaches behavioral economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said business cards are necessary to remember who you've met and why they are important. It isn't likely an electronic message will serve the same purpose, he said. "When people introduce themselves, they usually don't say what their title is," Ariely said. "When you are sitting with 10 people, you need a card to remember names and who you should be paying more attention to. This is especially true with globalization, as more people are traveling to other countries for business."

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